Rattan cotton rags Contemporary design and style

Maison Sarah Lavoine presents its collection of cotton rugs in multiple patterns and colors. From geometric, graphic and artistic patterns to solid colors, the rugs are true works of art that will bring a unique touch to your interior design. Warm and comfortable, let yourself be seduced by their incomparable softness.



  • Cotton
  • Wool

Damier Rug Cactus - Different sizes - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Labyrinth Thé de Chine - 170 x 240 cm - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Labyrinth Thé de Chine - 200 x 300 cm - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Boro Blue - Different sizes - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Boro Beige - Different sizes - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Abstrait Bleu Sarah - 170 x 240 cm - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Abstrait Linen - 170 x 240 cm - Wool / Cotton

Carpet Paquerette Ecru / Williamsburg - 170 x 240 cm - Wool / Jute

Carpet Paquerette Ecru / Williamsburg - 200 x 300 cm - Wool / Jute

Decorative and comfortable cotton rugs 

Hand-knotted and hand-tufted according to ancestral Hindu and Chinese know-how, Maison Sarah Lavoine cotton rugs are delicate and remarkably qualitative. From artistic designs to more vegetal motifs, there is something for everyone. Among them, the Abstract rug with its colorful pictorial pattern or the Damier rug with its irresistible graphic prints. Inspired by Morocco, Scandinavian countries or ancient ethnic tribes, cotton rugs are also invitations to travel that you can't resist. For a more natural atmosphere, the Pâquerette rug in wool and cotton is the vegetal touch you need. It is ideal for an office or an entrance. Original or plain, the cotton rugs from La Maison will fit into your home for a guaranteed cocooning effect.   

Rugs are sublime accessories that have conquered hearts for centuries. Once made of animal skin, today tapestry is an art that never goes out of fashion. And for good reason, each room of the house, its carpet. In the bathroom, the bath mats warm your feet when you get out of the shower. In the bedroom, your kids will love fun round rugs while you prefer modern rugs at the foot of the bed. The living room is the centerpiece of your home, and it's home to the most beautiful creations. Long pile, short pile, rectangular or square rugs are often the boldest touch in your decor. You can even find it outside with a mat that reflects your personality.

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