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  • Wood

Sideboard Essence Black / Ivory - L180 x W45 x H75 cm - Lacquered wood

Sideboard Essence Green / Black - L180 x W45 x H75 cm - Lacquered wood

Chest of Drawers Essence Black / Ivory - L100 x W45 x H75 cm - Lacquered wood

Chest of Drawers Essence Green / Black - L100 x W45 x H75 cm - Lacquered wood

Desk Essence Black / Ivory - L51 cm x W22 x H31 cm - Lacquered wood

Highboard Riviera Black - W120 x D42 x H75 cm - Rattan / Lacquered wood

Discover our collection of wooden desks

Welcome to our selection of wooden desks, where refined aesthetics and quality craftsmanship meet to create workspaces that are both functional and elegant. At Maison Sarah Lavoine, we take pride in designing and manufacturing furniture that reflects our passion for timeless design and French craftsmanship.

Our wooden desks are meticulously designed to combine style and durability. Each piece is carefully crafted from high-quality solid wood, selected for its strength and natural beauty. Thanks to this special attention to materials, our desks stand the test of time while adding a warm, authentic touch to your workspace.

A collection designed to meet your professional needs

We understand that every workspace is unique and deserves to be optimised to meet your specific needs. That's why our collection of wooden desks offers a variety of designs and configurations to suit your working style and environment.

Whether you're looking for a versatile desk with plenty of storage space, a minimalist desk with a clean design or a more traditional desk with carved details, our collection will meet your expectations. Each desk is designed with smart features, such as spacious drawers, adjustable shelves and hidden cables, for a practical and organised working experience.

When you choose a wooden desk from the Maison Sarah Lavoine collection, you're opting not only for quality and aesthetics, but also for French craftsmanship that respects the environment. Each piece is made locally with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get an exceptional piece of furniture that is both beautiful and durable.

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