Design Wood Mirrors

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The natural beauty of wooden mirrors

With Maison Sarah Lavoine, discover the timeless elegance of the wooden mirror. This functional and decorative piece is designed with exceptional craftsmanship, combining tradition and modernity. Each mirror is made in France with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing superior quality.

The wooden mirror has a warm, natural look, adding a touch of charm to your interior. Its unique hand-crafted finish enhances the texture of the wood, creating a true visual masterpiece. Whether you opt for a natural wood mirror or a boldly coloured version, it will add a touch of authenticity to your decor.


The environmentally responsible choice

Maison Sarah Lavoine is committed to preserving the environment by offering sustainable products that respect nature. Our wooden mirrors are made from materials from sustainable sources, guaranteeing responsible management of forest resources. What's more, by choosing a wooden mirror, you're opting for an environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

As a supporter of Made in France, Maison Sarah Lavoine pays particular attention to the origin of its materials and favours partnerships with local craftsmen. Each mirror is the fruit of traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation, ensuring incomparable quality. By placing your trust in Maison Sarah Lavoine, you are supporting French craftsmen and helping to preserve our cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

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