Walnut mirror Contemporary design and style

To complete a natural and luminous style of decoration, the walnut mirror is ideal. Each piece is handcrafted and Maison Sarah Lavoine makes excellence its watchword. The mirrors dress your walls with elegance and bring comfort to your daily life.



  • Walnut

Mirror Ovo Walnut - H50 cm - Walnut oiled 

Mirror Ovo Walnut - H75 cm - Walnut oiled  

Mirror Ovo Walnut - H90 cm - Walnut oiled 

Mirror Organic Walnut - H75 cm - Walnut oiled

Mirror Organic Walnut - H90 cm - Walnut oiled

Mirror Organic Walnut - H140 cm - Walnut oiled

Mirror Bubble Walnut - ø75 cm - Walnut

Mirror Bubble Walnut - ø120 cm - Walnut

Sleek and elegant walnut mirrors  

Mirrors are undoubtedly one of the favorite wall accessories for decorating enthusiasts. In an entryway, bedroom, kitchen, office or living room, every wall wants to have it because it always makes an impact. In the Maison Sarah Lavoine walnut mirror collection, there is a mirror for every taste and use. In a minimalist and pure decoration, the mirror and its oiled walnut frame are warm and soothing. Sober, masculine and chic, this material is also durable. Ideal for timeless and timeless interior decorations. But walnut mirrors are also beautiful decorative objects for more whimsical and colorful styles. Its comforting wooden frame blends perfectly with bright or pastel colored walls. In terms of size, all mirrors come in a variety of sizes. From smaller sizes to larger mirrors, have fun playing with perspectives. The generous shapes of the Organique model marry the rounded curves of the Ovo model while the rigorous frame of the Ellipse contrasts wonderfully with the roundness and voluptuousness of the Bulle mirror. 

A powerful decorative object, the wall mirror is a formidable tool for enlarging a room and adding depth. Above a chest of drawers, against a wall or on a stand, the mirror adapts to all needs. All the information about the products, the dimensions and colors, the means of payment as well as the terms of delivery and return are indicated in the description of these.

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