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Ceiling Light Vadim Laiton - H36cm - Metal

Ceiling Light Vadim Black - H36cm - Metal

Maison Sarah Lavoine: the timeless elegance of glass suspension lamps

Combining sophistication and refinement, Maison Sarah Lavoine has established itself as one of the most daring brands in contemporary interior design. With its unique vision and boundless creativity, the French brand offers creations that transcend codes, giving life to warm, elegant spaces. Among its many creations, the glass pendant stands out for its timeless aesthetic and exceptional quality.

Maison Sarah Lavoine's glass suspension embodies the very essence of French craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the skills of expert artisans. Made in France, this suspension lamp is a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Its sleek, minimalist design highlights the natural beauty of glass, creating subtle, sophisticated lighting in any space.


A centerpiece to enhance your interior

With its glass pendant, Maison Sarah Lavoine offers a real centrepiece to enhance your interior. Whether in a living room, dining room or office, this pendant brings a touch of elegance and modernity. Its timeless design blends harmoniously with all styles of decoration, whether classic or contemporary.

The glass used in the creation of this suspension offers a delicate luminosity, creating a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. Its transparency adds a subtle dimension to the space, while gently illuminating it. Thanks to its sophisticated look, this glass suspension becomes the focal point of the room, attracting al

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