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From the Perse to Maison Sarah Lavoine

Monday, October the 7th, 2019

Sarah LavoineIf you look closely, in detail, the shape of the hidden pattern, you can still be a flower, a drop of water, or any other chosen more mysterious. Indeed, the "boteh", a bouquet of flowers in Persian, is at the origin of this motif, a symbol of love and romance.

The story of the hidden motive that besides him also grounds Paisley, has actually been published in Persia, and more particularly in Iran or who is on a carpet or applies on wallpapers, there are more than 2000 years.

This is the Indians who will develop the motif, declination with embroidery, on clothes or shawls.

It is therefore by the mythical Silk Road and then by the East India Company that the motif arrives with great fanfare in the European courts of the 17th century. Symbol of exoticism, luxury and rarity, it is quickly accepted for the desire for elegance.

In the nineteenth century, the English Decide to Produce in Scotland in the Paisley City, City which hosted one of the largest manufactures of paisley shawls.

The industrialization of the motif has developed very rapidly and is flooding Europe.


At the heart of the Swinging Sixties, it is associated with the psychedelic style. Considerable influence of the Beatles, among others, in the mid-1960s.

The Paisley is also a favorite design element of the Anglo-Indian architect Laurie Baker who has made many drawings and collages, which he called the drawings of mangoes. He used to include this form in the buildings he designed.


Maison Sarah Lavoine revisits one of the key motifs of elegance. He has become over the centuries, a very great timeless classic, a traditional heritage.

Sarah chooses 100% silk for material and sensuality, and promotes two colors, Chinese tea and black and white.

4 Great voice for a motive, he will want to develop 4 pieces must-have and ultra chic.

- Lightweight pants that marry the forms very delicately, pleasant to wear and subtly flared at the bottom, on the found signatures.

- A straight shirt, underlined on the fasteners, by the iconic stripes of the house.

- A very feminine and refined camisole, bordered by a Calais French lace.

- The silk square, the scarf.


The paisley pattern is an eternal source of inspiration, Maison Sarah Lavoine presents a refined, elegant and sensual collection.

From the Perse to Maison Sarah LavoineFrom the Perse to Maison Sarah Lavoine