Ready to be unrolled

Tuesday, September the 19th, 2017

Spongy, big and original, our ruges are ready to be unrolled !

Inspired by Maroccan style, their design incorporate the Berber codes, combining geometric shapes, tribal motifs and iconic colors from there.

Their singularity is their finesse : they are knotted by hands with New Zealand wool ; their semi-long hairs give them a velvet texture with a very soft touch. 
Incredibly resistant, they find their place in areas of high passage and ensure comfort and vitality to your home.
Declined in three different patterns, they bring a touch of originality to your decoration thanks to the original but discreet patterns.

So, rather MogadorFez or Essaouira ?

Our rugs are to be discover on our e-shio and in our Parisian boutiques
Carpets - maison sarah lavoineCarpets - maison sarah lavoineCarpets - maison sarah lavoine