The Swedish Design Moves Paris

Thursday, October the 26th, 2017

Refine, comforting and fuctionnel, the nordic way of life has everything to please !

The exposition of 'The Season Swedish Design Moves Paris' marks the reopening of the Swedish Institute of Paris and decryots the Swedish style through design, architecture and fashion. 
This culture, which sees design as a tool to strengthen society and the objects around us, echoes the values of Maison Sarah Lavoine. This light graphic style and the simple artistic taste give a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the house.

Through this exposition, you will discover the unique piece : Solar eggs created by the swedish architects Birget & Bergström.
This unique egg-shaped sauna is consisting  of 69 parts, which can be disassembled and reassembled. Covered with mirrors it reflects in the garden of the Hotel de Marle.

Exposition : 'The Season Swedish Design Moves Paris' until the 10th December of 2017

Place : Swedish Institut - Hôtel de Marle - 11 rue Payenne 75003 Paris